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Centrelink debt recovery saga hits people with disabilities

Centrelink's automated debt program has caught up young people with disabilities and their families relying on income ...

Centrelink has demanded payments of more than $10,000 from people with disabilities using its controversial automated debt recovery methods, causing distress and adding to financial pressure on families, a parliamentary inquiry into the "robo-debt" saga has heard.

Battlelines drawn ahead of ADF pay negotiations

Early stages of talks for a new pay agreement covering ADF personnel are set to begin next week.

The Coalition government could be heading for another bruising clash with Australia's military families over working conditions in the ADF with military advocates warning they will not accept cuts to entitlements in the new workplace deal.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attends a campaign rally, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016, in Council Bluffs, ...

Deep state v Trump

An unrestrained deep state under a pliant US president is the stuff of nightmare.

Portrait of Martin Parkinson, secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

APS's wobbly start

Our leaders and institutions are taking us on a bumpy path, heading nowhere useful.

Minister for Women and the Minister for Employment: Michaelia Cash.

Save us from this mess

The bureaucracy's IR policy is among the most serious problems in public administration today.