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Bernardi looks for more mergers after Family First takeover

Cory Bernardi announced on Wednesday that his Australian Conservatives movement will merge with Family First

Breakaway senator Cory Bernardi says he will pursue mergers with other conservative parties and seek more defections from the Liberal Party after Family First folded its operations into his nascent Australian Conservatives party.

Girt by derision: a short and tortured history of our national anthem

Australians all let us rejoice, for we are girt by a national anthem that is almost universally derided.

Poor Girt. The most cutting - and possibly most accurate - comment that's been made about the old thing is that Australia is in danger of falling off to sleep while singing the words, which barely anyone knows anyway. That was the judgment of a former National Party senator from Queensland, Sandy MacDonald, who found himself bored and embarrassed as he listened to a military band struggling to give life to old Girt on the shores of Gallipoli on Anzac Day, 2001.

Developer lobby urges more urban land, low-deposit loans

The Property Council's chief executive Ken Morrison.

The lobby group representing property developers has unveiled a "ten point plan" to boost housing affordability in Australia's major cities, urging deregulation in the construction industry, low-deposit home loans and incentives for older home owners to downsize.

Bureaucrats struggle with citizenship chaos

Immigration chaos: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced a major overhaul of the citizenship test.

The Immigration Department is struggling to cope with a massive influx of inquiries about the government's changes to the citizenship test, with callers turned away or placed in lengthy queues.