Letters to the Editor

Controlling 'truth'

The government's response to trouble on Manus Island was no surprise.

Leaders too unfit to 'deter'

Trump insists that we need US nuclear weapons for our protection and refuses to rule out their use on our behalf.

Letters to the editor: Dept of Defence, not attack

In his first measured statement on military matters, President Donald Trump said: "It is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons."

Make drugs boring

Wiser heads in cleverer countries have adopted the approach of making drugs boring.

Man not to blame for climate

The mild warming that we have experienced since the end of the Little Ice Age has been hugely beneficial.

My home has been stolen

I am, with grief and much sadness, the former owner of an allegedly Mr Fluffy home.

ActewAGL boss' mea culpa

I acknowledge the increasing, widespread customer concern in relation to billing.

ACT's top-notch medicos

We should be very proud of the quality of both our specialists and GPs in Canberra, and recognise that the care provided is second to none.

Canberra Times Letters to the Editor: Climate strategy flawed

I support the comments by John Brummell (Letters, March 30). The predominant reaction to global warming: climate change is based on the doubtful premise that if all the countries of the world move in unison to clean electrical energy as rapidly as their individual circumstances will permit then the temperature rise can be limited to two degrees Celsius and that will be the best outcome.

Thanks for your support

it is disappointing that the ACT Labor Party saw fit to play politics with what has been a major issue within the Canberra community for many years.

Abbott hurt renewables

Investment in large-scale renewables came to a near standstill under the Abbott government.