Letters to the Editor

Planning review

Question of whether West Murrumbidgee should or should not be developed needs debate.

Letters: Climate consensus at risk

This agreement is at risk of sabotage by the likes of President Trump, along with (it seems) Scott Adams among others.

Supply after light

Letters text to go here - please copy and leave original as is.

A public mockery

After 91 submissions, most condemning the plastics plant, Mr Gentleman has recommended against approval.

Premier shoots from the lip

Gladys Berejiklian's rant raises worrying questions about her understanding of the Australian Federation and basic tenets of our democracy.

Opportunities no longer exist

It's really not fair that so many of us had a free education but now young people are harshly penalised.

Don’t put tram in a jam

The announcement of possible routes for the Civic-Woden light rail project is an exercise in futility.

Fair dinkum mate

The key to a successful life in Australia is to be a competent English speaker. Is that a value?