Letters to the Editor

One-way ticket

It is obvious Ian Warden is well travelled.

Refugee policy just cruel

What I find most appalling is the cowardice of our elected representatives in their failure to stand up and demand more humane refugee policy.

'Actual' complete nonsense

The spate of letters regarding ActewAGL and their billing problems hit a nerve in our household.

Letters to the editor: Baseless prolonged torture

How could anyone read Michael Gordon's article about the young cartoonist, Ali, or "Eaten fish", from Iran without being sickened at the treatment he has received on Manus Island?

Time to grow up

Why is it that we elect people who revert to unacceptable behaviour?

Urban swamp needs draining

ACT politicians must honour their election promises to completely overhaul the Planning and Development Act.

Letters to the editor: Urban swamp needs draining

The ongoing saga of the proposed redevelopment of a heritage building near Manuka Circle ("Manuka residents knocked back in bid to stop development in Forrest fire station precinct",, February 13), demonstrates the deficiencies of the ACT's planning regime.

Ready to commit forever

Being a Canberran can be just a state of mind, but publicly committing to it sends a clear message that this is the best place in Australia to live forever.

Potential for a wasteland

There is huge potential to convert the gorges and Ginninderra Falls area into a world-class conservation park.

Letters to the editor: Culling excuses won’t fly

Your article ("Massacre as joeys bludgeoned", February 13, p.3) summarises the ACT government's position on kangaroo culling in terms of protecting biodiversity and to prevent starvation among the kangaroos.

Climate rift

Readers of The Sunday Canberra Times on February 5 should applaud Adam Morton's report ("Climate action splits economists", p14) that there is no consensus among economists on the optimum approach for curtailing the effects of climate change.

Sharp divide on homeopathy

Thanks to Vyom Sharma for drawing attention to the dangerous scam that is homeopathy.

Letters to the editor: Resettlement deal is dumb

Neither Malcolm Turnbull nor Julie Bishop have refuted Donald Trump's suggestion that asylum seekers caught up in the refugee resettlement deal are "illegals" or "the next Boston bombers".

Walking wounds

Should we continue to force 24 million Australians to share roads and footpaths with motorised vehicles that can harm fragile bodies?

Infill plan a winner for families

Infill around all suburban centres (large and small) is the only realistic alternative to tram corridor development.